No notifications from inkbird app

I have recently upgraded from either the inkbird pro or smart app, to the new “inkbird app”.

I have two ITC-308 wifi’s, a sous vide, an IHC-200, an IWS-WD1 and an IBBQ-4t.

None of the devices are sending notifications to my phone (Android - Samsung s22 ultra).

The alarms for the ITC’s and IHC will show and sound if I have the app open, but if it’s not open it will not send a notification.

The IWS will not show any alerts unless you are viewing the device within the app.

This is all pointless to me since I rely on alarms to notify me of: temperature issues, humidity issues, when cooking is completed (sousvide, IBBQ-4T), or if I have a water leak (IWS-WD1).

I have searched everythere online and cannot find a solution.

And yes, notifications, permissions, etc. are all good.

Can someone/anyone please help. Without alarms, these devices are pratically useless to me.



Anyone else having this issue of no alarm/notifications?

Same here. I have problems with notifications too.

Yes, I am also. Here is a copy of the email I just sent to support; I purchased 3x IBS-TH3-WIFI temp sensors and 1x Gate3way IBS-P02R units. I installed the INKBIRD app on both my Samsung cel phone and tablet. All seem to work, except I do not get alert notifications when the sensor temperatures are out of range. Only the Gate3way unit itself notifies me on the home base (when home or hot tub temp are our of range). But this is a problem since I purchased these sensors to get alerts on my phone when I travel.
My cell phone is a Samsung S22, and my tablet is as Samsung S5e. I have the Inkbird app installed on both. All devices are linked and working correctly. I have my temperature settings also properly set up. Both my phone an tablets allow all notifications for INKBIRD and all permissions are granted to INKBIRD. Still no phone nor tablet notifications.
Can you please help.

Is Inkbird going to give us an answer or is this NOT supported?

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please ensure that:
In the phone settings, Permissions for the INKBIRD app are turned on, ringtones, vibrate and notifications are turned on, the do-not-disturb function is turned off.
In the INKBIRD app settings, notification functions are turned on.
Please understand that if the above permissions are not turned on, this function may be affected.
INKBIRD is very concerned about this issue. The R&D department is investigating this issue and advancing functional optimization. As this issue does not occur on a regular basis, and not all users are unable to receive notifications, this will take more time to test and adjust, but we are confident it will be improved in the future.
Thank you for your patience and support INKBIRD.

I have the same issue described above, the app displays the device is in alarm but no notification was sent to alert me.


I have this same issue with my IBT-26S. This app and tool is worthless without these notifications.

All these steps have been verified and I still dont get notifications… any updates??

Same issue. Samsung Android. Please fix!!

I am having the same issue. Previously was using inkbird pro app now only option is inkbird. Issues seem to have started when I had to switch apps. Worked fine last winter.
Units used c929 and itc-308-wifi
Old app had login with phone number. Seems like that is the last time it worked

Well I had the notifications working briefly. Ia m not sure what I did, but they are no longer working again. This is a major issue and pretty much defeats the purpose of these “wifi” devices…


We take customer feedback seriously. To improve the usage experience, engineers are fully adjusting and updating this feature, it has entered the testing stage. If it passes stability testing, they will update the app as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience again.

Is there anyway I can get the test version and assist in providing feedback?

No notifications with IIC-800-WIFI and iPhone with latest iOS 17.2.

I’m having the same problem with Android app version 1.6.14. I only get temperature alerts when the app is open on the phone screen. Whenever the screen is locked, I never get alerts.
I checked and the following is true:
Permissions for the INKBIRD app are turned on, ringtones, vibrate and notifications are turned on, the do-not-disturb function is turned off.

Same issues here! Pixel 8 pro running android 14, app version 1.6.14… it used to work great, but that was 6 months ago since I used my ibbq-4bw… I’m smoking some prime rib for Christmas, which was basically double the price of this probe setup… and now I’m not getting any notifications… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Why hasn’t anything been done yet about this… it’s a MAIN selling point of these damn things!! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Same issue - no app notifications on Android 12. Worked fine last winter. Holding off on purchasing additional products until / if this is resolved.

@Tania its been 4 months since this has been posted…what is inkbird doing about it? There has been more than enough time to produce an update to the app. What is going on?

Same issue here. I just purchased my first Inkbird device and am quite disappointed that this functionality doesn’t work. The device isn’t helpful for me without this functionality. Is there a timeline for a fix or should I just return my purchase?