No notifications from inkbird app

I have recently upgraded from either the inkbird pro or smart app, to the new “inkbird app”.

I have two ITC-308 wifi’s, a sous vide, an IHC-200, an IWS-WD1 and an IBBQ-4t.

None of the devices are sending notifications to my phone (Android - Samsung s22 ultra).

The alarms for the ITC’s and IHC will show and sound if I have the app open, but if it’s not open it will not send a notification.

The IWS will not show any alerts unless you are viewing the device within the app.

This is all pointless to me since I rely on alarms to notify me of: temperature issues, humidity issues, when cooking is completed (sousvide, IBBQ-4T), or if I have a water leak (IWS-WD1).

I have searched everythere online and cannot find a solution.

And yes, notifications, permissions, etc. are all good.

Can someone/anyone please help. Without alarms, these devices are pratically useless to me.


Anyone else having this issue of no alarm/notifications?