No notifications from inkbird app

Please understand that this feature involves many aspects, and engineers have been working hard on this matter.
At present, they have completed the adjustment of some products. They expect to update the INKBIRD app at the end of this month, which will optimize the notification function of some products.

@Tania are you confirming that inkbird is acknowleding this as an issue?

I am an application developer and I know fixes can be put out a lot quicker. Not sure why this one is taking so long.

I am happy to hear that you are finally acknowledging that it is an issue.

Many of us are losing hope. I am very close to wriring bad reviews all over the internet. The 6 devices i own ffrom inkbird are essentially useless wirhout thr alerts working.

Yes have recently upgraded to the Inkbird IBBQ-4T for WiFi connection from my Weber I grill as this is only Bluetooth. I’ve checked the message centre log, the notification were there but no alarm on my phone.
Now after burning several meals with my inkbird reverting back to the I grill.
Let me know when the app has been repaired.

@Tania any updates? Please it’s been months.

Well i just cleared the app cache and data, which logged me out of the app. When i logged back in my notications were working again. Its great that they are working again, but its hard to trust that they will stay/contiue to work. Fingers crossed.

Please advise status of this issue. I have gone through every setting in the app and in my phone (android). This is getting critical as greenhouse season starts. I invested in these specifically because of the notification feature that is currently non functional. Will Inkbird be responsible for losses resulting from their product not working as advertised?

I am using the 26s model and also am missing the notifications. If I would have know this up front, I would have never even bought a Inkbird Thermometer. Hopefully this will be sorted out rather quickly

Any updates worth mentioning??

Sorry to hear that.
May I know your product model?

Please make sure that the permissions mentioned earlier in the post are enabled. IBT-26S maintains WIFI connection. Please log in to your INKBIRD app account again.
If your phone still cannot receive notifications, please download the latest version of the INKBIRD app.
The latest version of INKBIRD app adds the ‘INKBIRD push notification’ function, which can be applied to IBT-26S.
Please turn on the ‘INKBIRD push notification’ function through INKBIRD app - ME - Profile. During this process, it may prompt you to log in to your account again. Please follow the prompts.
Will it work?

Hello Tania,

I have all the permissions set right and also have the latest version of the app installed on my phone.
Perhaps I am missing something, can you show me via screenshots all the parts that I have to have the notifications activated?

Once you have setup the notification - if you are on iPhone - check your focus mode/work mode/sleep mode etc…make sure you add inkbird app to the allowed apps.

It should work.

Galaxy s22 i am not getting notifications from my IBBQ 4. It worked perfectly for about 2 years, but not working for the last several months. Please advise.

Samsung Galaxy S23, did everything described here, still no notifications.
Will bring back the IBBQ-4T to the store as well, exactly have chosen this because of the wifi capability, but it is totally useless.
Would be glad if someone - especially an Inkbird staff member - could share anything useful.