Problem notification with my new IBS TH3

Hello I’ve just bought the IBS TH3 plus thermometer. I need to use it in a server room and I’m having some air conditioning problems at the moment. I’ve plugged the thermometer into the usb port and I’m requesting a temperature update every 10 mins. I can see on the INKBIRD app installed on my iPhone the temperatures updating every 10 mins.
I have three questions:
1/ I’d like to know if it’s possible for the thermometer to send me alarms (sms or sound an alarm, etc.), not just notifications. Because at the moment I just receive a notification in the application / messaging.
2/ In the notification settings / system notification / I’ve activated and set the “non-recurring” notifications to every 10 min, but I see that there’s only one notification when the temperature has exceeded the authorized threshold, but as long as it’s above the threshold there’s no longer a notification every 10 min as requested…
3/ in the application / thermometer settings / no more settings / check network / the result is “the search device is not nearby” yet I’m connected to the same network and the thermometer is well connected (wifi logo ok on the screen and temperature updated every 10 min ok) …
The Inkbird apps is installed on a iPhone 13 Pro IOS 16.2
Thanks for your help