Alarm Alerts to phone from IBS-M1

I am trying to get alarm alerts pushed to my iPhone. I have allowed all notifications for the InkbirdPro app in my phone settings. I have set up a lower temp limit on the app, and the alert generates in the app when the lower limit is crossed, and it shows up in alarm history, but I can’t figure out how to get the notification pushed to my phone. Do I need to do something with the Linkage option? When I try to add my sensor (IB-P01R), it doesn’t do anything - just an endless loop that will not allow me to add. I can not find any setting on the app to enable alert pushes, etc.

Also, once I figure this out, do you have to have the app open in order to get the notifications? The reason I am using this is to monitor the temperature of my hot tub and get alerts if the temperature drops below the lower limit so that I can take action and avoid the unit freezing in cold temperatures. Getting an alert is critical to know there is an issue.

Alarm notification is when the app is running in the background, or when the phone is on the lock screen, it will trigger a notification in the phone’s notification bar if the temperature exceeds the alarm range.
Please use the INKBIRD app, which is based on the Inkbird pro app upgrade.
Please ensure that the notification function and ringtone function of your phone are on and the notification function of the app is on.
Please make sure that the device is kept connected to the network.

I am going to return, as it isn’t giving me the functionality that I need. Was under the impression I would get notifications whether the app was open or not. Works fine when I am at home and on WiFi, but not when I am away, which is what I was looking for. If there is a better way for me to return than Amazon, let me know.

May I know if you are connecting the IBS-M1 to the home 2.4GHz wifi router?
Normally, if the IBS-M1 is in range of your home 2.4GHz wifi signal, it is possible for your phone to view data and receive notifications remotely using other networks.

Maybe I didn’t have it in the 2.4 band. One thing that might be helpful as an improvement in the App is to pull up the available WiFi networks instead of having to type in a network name. That is more common with Apps.

I am having the same issue. I bought this product with the understanding that I’d receive push notifications to my phone when the temperature reads below or above the range I’ve set. However I’m only receiving messages in the app, and they’re delivered silently, so I have to manually check for them. This is not helpful for alerting me of time sensitive emergencies that need my attention when I’m away from home.

It is working for me now. The alerts are coming to my phone, even when remote and I don’t have the app open in the background.

Did you change something in the app to start receiving push notifications? You mentioned creating a linkage before, but I don’t think that’s an option with just the one device.

Just allowed all notifications for the App, allowed location while using, etc. Ran some tests using ice water both when inside my house and away, and got the notification. Will try again to make sure.

Ciao io ho lo stesso problema, ho abilitato tutto ma non mi arrivano le notifiche, puoi aiutarmi ?