Alarms when Inkbird app is not running when using IBS-TH2 with IBS-M1?


I understand that with the IBS-TH2 alone, I’ll only get the alarms if the Inkbird App is running in the foreground or background and I’m within bluetooth range of the sensor.

How does that change when I use the IBS-M1 / IBS-M2 wi-fi gateway? Will I get alarms when the Inkbird App is installed on the iPhone but not running in the background? Will I get alarms when I’m outside wi-fi range?


If the IBS-M1/ IBS-M2 gateway stays connected to the 2.4GHz wifi network, the app will push a notification when the sensor exceeds the alert range and it will appear in the notification bar at the top. The phone using other networks is not affected by this feature.
However, please ensure that:
In the phone settings, Permissions for the INKBIRD app are turned on, ringtones, vibrate and notifications are turned on, the do-not-disturb function is turned off.
In the INKBIRD app settings, notification functions are turned on.

Thank you Tania.

Just to confirm: If the IBS-M1/M2 is connected to 2.4GHz wifi network, but my iPhone is connected to the internet via the cell phone network (for example when I’m not at home), will I still receive the notifications? Assuming all permissions, are turned on, of course.

Yes, only at the first use, the phone needs to be connected to the home 2.4GHz wifi (Internet-enabled) to pair the IBS-M1/M2 to the INKBIRD app. After that, as long as the IBS-TH2 maintains the Bluetooth connection with the IBS-M1/M2, and the IBS-M1/M2 maintains the home 2.4GHz wifi connection (Internet-enabled), the phone is able to check the data of the IBS-M1/M2 and get notifications remotely via the cell phone network.