Ibs th 1-2 notifications

I have the IBS TH 2 PLUS and the IBS TH 1.
Ive downloaded the Inkbird app on my Samsung galaxy android. And cant find either of them.
I also downloadeded the Engbird app and can find the sensors and have added them successfully. But i cant get notifications unless the the app is open and lit up on my phone. So basically im monitoring the sensors myself. All app permissions,locations and alarms are aloud in lock screen and when phone is open. Ive also uninstalled both apps and restarted phone multiple times for both apps. Which app should i be using? And whats wrong here?

Please understand that if IBS-TH1/ IBS-TH2 PLUS is connected via Bluetooth, Engbird app/ INKBIRD app notifications will only appear when the app is running in the foreground.
Please refer to:

Maybe you can use it with IBS-M2 gateway?
IBS-TH1/ IBS-TH2 PLUS can connect to the IBS-M2 gateway via Bluetooth, and IBS-M2 can connect to the INKBIRD app via 2.4GHz wifi. When the app is running in the background/the phone is locked, a notification will be pushed if an alarm is triggered.

Ok thankyou very much. At least i know what limitations im dealing with right now