Cannot Connect to IBS-TH2 Plus from mobile app

I purchased 2 x IBS-TH2 Plus, one connects and works great, the other does not. Any ideas on how to get it to connect to the Engbird mobile app. Yes new batteries and BTooth is on.

Since I also bought two of the same, I’m going to relate what I’ve seen:

  • Inkbird PRO APP, which will be discontinued on May 1st, doesn’t see the device, AND the device is not listed, either,
  • Inkbird APP [the new master app, which will replace all other apps] lists many of their devices, but not IBS-TH2 plus OR the “non-Plus” model without the probe]. It also won’t pair since the app doesn’t see it,
  • ENGbird App, I’ll download and try that app next. FYI, there’s a Bluetooth app to help troubleshoot devices, etc., by KewelSoft. I know it I can’t get both connected, I’d use that tool to determine if BT was operational.

The device has a button, that shows or hides the Bluetooth symbol on the screen.

Please refer to this post:

Currently the IBS-TH2 PLUS can only be connected directly to the Engbird app via Bluetooth, it cannot be connected directly to the Inkbird pro app or the INKBIRD app.