IBBQ-4T + app wifi notifications don't work


I have just purchased an IBBQ-4T.
Downloaded the Inkbird app from Google Play.
The thermometer is connected to the app, all readings are nice, except when I try to set a temperature alarm: there are no notifications on the phone. Except when I turn off the thermometer, then there is one, big and loud. Would need more as triggered alarm, but nooo.

Basically that’s why I choose the 2 times more expensive wifi version.

I have did everything I can imagine:

  • app reinstall
  • delete app storage data
  • give extra permissions in Android to allow all notification, GPS coordinates, etc
  • set push notifications in app
  • tinkered with message center notification settings, but still no luck
  • turned off do not disturb, silence, etc. mode
  • sound is on

Have tried everything described in here, without success.

There is one active notification in the app’s message center, but can not trigger it more than one time.
Exact situation:

  • new automation scene
  • if ibbq-4t probe temperature 1 > 31,6C, then send notification
  • when any condition is met

One trigger after creating scene, completely without any notification, and that is it.
Even after disable-reenable scene.
This is completely unusable.

Please advise on how to fix it, or I will have to return the thermometer and going to look for an usable one.

After some tinkering, I have retried the temperature range set on the device screen, and surprisingly it worked: both the thermometer beeped and also my phone notification ringed.

Problem solved, but the scenes are still faulty.
I hope the first part (= the temp. range warnings) stays as it is.

Sorry, the automation function is still under development :cry:. Please change the target temperature/custom temperature range through the settings of IBBQ-4T.