INT-14BW no push notification on cook

Today I received my new device and played with it a bit on a simple cook. The stability of the device to app was brilliant, huge improvement on my existing devices.
However the notifications for reached temp and too hot were not push notifications on my android device. Only the Bluetooth disconnect appeared to be push notification.

The app did tell me completed when open. But no alert and nothing showing for the cook until the app opened and device selected.

I checked app was up to date on play store and searched but found no specific cook notification settings within the app. (General notifications are on and a separate ibt-26s I happened to be charging at time was sending push notifications for charging/fully charged/disconnected.)

Could you please send an email to and provide the following information:

  1. Your country
  2. Phone model
  3. INT-14-BW device ID (need to connect to WIFI to obtain)
    Engineers will investigate this issue.

Since forum posts are public, this may involve private information, please do not reply here.

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I can confirm support have resolved this issue already. Extremely happy with the response times from Inkbird.