IBS-TH2 display doesn't clear the 1 digit (ie 1xx) if the Temp exceeds 100deg C momentarily

If the temperature exceeds 100 deg C momentarily, the display shows 1xx.
If the temp drops below 100 deg, the 1 digit does not dissappear.

It’s the first time I hear this kind of question :astonished:
Are you using the Engbird app? Did you set the calibration value?
Could you please provide your phone model, phone system, and screenshots/videos showing this problem?
I will contact the engineers to check.

This problem shows up on the lcd screen itself. No app is needed to demonstrate the error.

I have a short video to demonstrate the error. How do I upload it?

Maybe you could try reinstalling the batteries? Will it still have the same problem?
For the video, please send it to email support@inkbird.com.

Reinstalling the batteries resets the error condition. But the same error reoccurs any time the temp exceeds 100C.

Please provide the video of this problem and order information to support@inkbird.com.
If it is confirmed that it is a product problem, my colleagues will provide the after-sales process.

Was there a solution found for this issue, mine is doing the exact same. Thanks!

Hi. They are checking to see if it’s a problem with the product.

Sure seems like a product issue. I have 2 IBS-TH2, both running the external probe. After the temp goes over 100 F, when it drops back down to 99 and below they both read 199 and the 1 will not disappear unless the batteries are taken out and put back in. Then it just happens again if it rises above 100 and falls again. Would sure like to see a solution to this!

I contacted my colleagues and they told me that they had received your video, but asked for your order information and did not get a reply, not sure if you received the email. If possible, please provide them with the order information so that they can provide a quick after-sales process.
Thank you!

Could you please provide the video of this problem and order information to support@inkbird.com?

2 emails sent with picture and video, let me know if they were received, thanks!

I don’t think they have arrived.

My colleague has received your email, please check the email message :wink:.

Maybe you can check the spam? Because some email systems will incorrectly classify it as spam.
If there is no email, I will contact my colleague to send it again.

Have your engineers checked to see if this is a software error in the product.
What conclusion has been reached?

I have the same problem with 5 IBS-TH2 Plus sensors that I received in the last four weeks. If they go over 100 degrees, the leading 1 stays on the screen after they drop back below 100 degrees. This happens with and without the external prob plugged in. Likely a display firmware problem on the IBS-TH2 sensor.

As previously indicated removing the batteries and re-installing resets the sensor display. It will then repeat the next time the sensor goes over 100 degrees.

I agree. They have yet to confirm that this is a firmware error.

So I received my two replacement sensors in the mail today. Thank you very much for the quick response. However, the two new sensors have the exact same problem as the old ones. I powered them up, connected the external probes, and placed them in a glass of 120 degreee water. The display showed the proper temp. When I removed the sensors from the water, the temp fell below the 100 degrees, and the hundreds digit still displayed the 1xx. Temp went down to room temp but read 172 F (should have been 72). I use these to monitor my heating system glycol temperature remotely so it is not a huge issue as the inkbird pro app displays the proper temp BUT I do expect the sensor displays to display the proper temp. Hopefully someone can look into this issue and find a proper solution.
By the way I also have a IBS-TH1 Plus and have do not have this issue with that unit.