IBS-TH2 values freezing after couple of month

Every couple of months or so, the values of my IBS-TH2 are freezing.
The phone app can still communicate with it.
Batteries are still good.
I have to remove the batteries and put them back to get the sensor back working normaly.
I bought and installed the inkbird outside last fall (2022).
This is the second time I get the behaviour.
I do not use an inkbird gateway.
But I have a custom proxy made with an ESP32 dev board.


Just froze again yesterday, march the 5th, 2023…
Last time I replaced the batterie for lithium one.
It still shows 100% battery level in the Inkbird App.

I can connect from the App to the inkbird sensor but values are frozen…
Cannot get it back to normal unless I remove and put back the batteries…

I’m puzzled…

Please provide your order details and the link of this post to support@inkbird.com, they will provide after-sales service.

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