ITH-20R sensor drops off IBS-M1

I have two ITH-20R sensors. Both were working and reporting temperatures fine. The one stopped reporting. I replaced the batteries and both were again reporting temperatures ok., but after a couple of minutes it dropps off and shows as Failed to report data after showing up on sensor home screen. The blue lights on the IBS-M1 show two blue lights, but only one reading on Inkbird app. Redo yhe batteries and try the resync button again works for a minute, the drops off…any suggestions or solutions?

May I know what environment you have placed it in?
If you put it next to the IBS-M1 for testing, will it also go offline?

Yes sure

I do the pairing very close to the IBS-M1. A few feet away They were working fine finally after resetting everything and new batteries. I did have some issue last fall getting the IBS-M1 to show up on the wifi.

This time after a couple of months the sensor in the Greenhouse stopped reporting, though it’s info section was still there as Sensor 2. It had worked fine a the year before, so nothing was different, and had worked ok after the most recent new battery and reset. Now its there for a few seconds when I first sync it, but then goes blank.

I finally redid everything from restart on all devices and resynced everything, and both senors worked for a few days till the one stopping reporting. The other unit, synced at the same time is still connected and reporting, so the wifi gateway is also still working.

I’m open to any suggestions and appreciate any help you can offer…
Happy holidays…

May I know which app you are using?
Please check the faulty ITH-20R-O transmitter, is it dry inside?
Are you using a rechargeable battery? Is it possible to try using alkaline batteries? This will help us to rule out if the battery voltage is the cause.

Greetings again!

The temp sensor is hanging in the Greenhouse next to other sensors high on a wall. It’s a dry spot, out of the direct sunlight, and well away from any wetiPhone. It’s approximately 70 feet from wifi gateway. When I opened up the 4 screw back plate, it was dry inside as far as I could tell…I use regular Duracell AAA batteries.
I’ve been using the Inkbird pro app. Both on Android and Apple IPhone. I’ve only had luck with keeping one or the other but never both phones at the same time as when you try to add it to new phone and connect to wifi gateway, it boots the other phone off. So at present the app connected to the IBS-M1 gateway is the iphone.

Thanks for your help with solving this issue.