IBS-M1 dropping connections to IBS-TH2

I have just purchased the Wifi bridge (IBS-M1) and two Temperature sensors (IBS-TH2).

Everything connects, but the M1 loses connection to the sensors after about 10-30 mins. For testing purposes I have one of the sensors only about 45cm from the M1. Changing the interval time on the sensors via InkBird Pro (eg 10min v 1min) seems to have no impact on the time till it drops out.

At the time of the dropout the blue light for that channel on the M1 goes off and I get a Notification in the InkBird Pro App that the Sensor is disconnected.

While in the dropped connection state

  • Engbird can still connect to the sensors.
  • InkBird Pro can still connect to the M1, and the M1 reports as Online and Connected

To restore connectivity I need to re-pair the Sensor (TH2) with the M1. ie place the TH2 close to the M1 and replace the batter.
Restarting the M1, or the TH2 on their own (at a distance) is insufficient.

IBS-M1 details

  • WiFi Firm Version: 3.1.4
  • MCU Module: 1.0.2

Version (per Engbird): 2.1.0

Any suggestions on how to investigate and resolve this issue?


Do you mean two temperature sensors (IBS-TH2) have the same problem?
Is there possible to provide a screenshot of the inkbird pro - IBS-M1 - sensor readings?
Because there are two versions of IBS-M1, the first generation of IBS-M1 has a compatibility problem with IBS-TH2. We do not recommend using them together.
IBS-M1 second generation has fixed this problem, it is compatible with IBS-TH2.
I am not sure if you bought the IBS-M1 first generation.

Both the temperature sensors have the same issue.

Could you please provide a screenshot of the inkbird pro - IBS-M1 - sensor readings?

Not exactly sure which screens you need… these ones ? Is there another way for me to check if I have a First or Second generation?

Box and Barcode for the IBS-M1

According to this screenshot, it is the first generation of IBS-M1. It is not compatible with IBS-TH2.
Please contact the seller to return it and purchase the IBS-M1 second generation.

Thanks for that Tania… is there any way to clearly identify the Second Generation from the first, if the Model number is the same?

If you want to distinguish from the appearance, the Inkbird logo of the first generation is gray, the second generation is blue.
The first generation:

The second generation:

If you want to distinguish from the app, their arrangement interface is different.
The first generation:

The second generation (for reference):

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@Tania thank you so much for your help. That IBS-M1 Gen 1 v IBS-M1 Gen 2 might be a useful FAQ.

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Thanks for your advice :smile: