Losing WIFI cnnection with IBs-M1

I have three IBs-TH2 plus temp. sensors. Paired with the IBS-M1 gateway. M1 erratically fails to download historical data even after a few days. Sometimes it is fine and other times no.

After prolonged testing: new router, minimizing number of devices connected to router WIFI, placing the M1 and TH2 right beside the router, changing inkbird interval log time (always longer than corresponding Engbird settings).

Just to confirm, will the IBS-M1 be disconnected from the WIFI connection and the data cannot be downloaded? Or is the IBS-M1 still connected to WIFI, but the data cannot be downloaded?
Is the INKBIRD logo of the IBS-M1 you use blue or gray?

Logo is blue. The IBS-M1 is connected to WIFI as it should be and there is internet connection. Test is done close to the router.
Historic data download is erratic. Sometimes it will download , other times fails.

I have seen one or two other posts with almost identical issues but never shown as being resolved.

SOmething has to be done to fix the connection issue of the IBS-M1 gateway and the connected Thermometers to download historical data. Either, the firmware of the gateway is defective the Tuya cloud storage is limiting how much data I can download:

I set for 5 min interval, and sometimes DAY download is ok (very often also fails).
Then I set to Week download and download historical data failed.
Tried both Day and week alternatively during same session and same results.

Sorry to hear that.
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