Cannot reliably view historical graphs with IBS-M1

I have an IBS-M1 and three temp sensors (two IBS-TH1 and one IBS-TH2).

If fails a few ways:
-it fails with “Failed to obtain historical data, …” message
-it starts to download, the percentage goes up, but then freezes before it hits 100%.
-it starts “Loading…” be never starts - just freezes.

In addition to no-graphs, I cannot download the historical data.

I tried two different Android devices - newish phone and a new tablet. The symptoms are the same.

The instantaneous reading are fine.

— Dave

May I know if you are using the INKBIRD app or the Inkbird pro app?
If you long press the reset button on the side of the IBS-M1 body to reset the connection, then reconnect the sensors, will the graphs work?

Thanks Tania,

I am using the Android InkBird app - V1.4.11 (Feb 16, 2023).

I reset the IBS-M1 wifi connection. I then deleted the 3 sensors and reconnected them. Unfortunately all the historical data is gone, so there is little data to graph :frowning: - just a few points so far.

I’ll have to let it run for a day or two and see what happens.

It no longer works reliably.

It seems as though if there is small amount of data to graph, it is able to download that and graph it most of the time, but during a given day as the data grows it reaches a point when it will no longer download (reports error, freezes in process or does not start).

If you go back to earlier full days, those always fail.

If you exit the graph and re-enter it to load, will the data not load successfully either?
Please make sure that the IBS-M1 is connected to the network and the network is unblocked.
Is it possible to provide your order information and a screen recording of the problem to

I noticed the same problem and reported a few days ago.
It is not predictable which of the linked sensors is losing data and on which occasion. From my 4 connected IBS-TH1 Plus there is still one of them that has all data in the cloud, the others lost their history from some (all different) point in time.
Weird also is that one of them even kept its data in the cloud after switching from the no more supported “Inkbird Pro” app to the Inkbird app.
While the sensors and gateway provide a good value for money, they are far from perfect and do not keep to their promise. Just read my posts on my experience with the IBS-TH1 Plus logging and comments to another post on the same topic.
Using IBS M1 is one of the workarounds if you manage to get historic past days exported in time.

I also have very, very intermittent results when trying to view historical data. I need to be able to see what the temperature and humidity did overnight in the greenhouse, or this equipment is all useless to me. Has anyone discovered a workaround that works to make it so my graphs load every time?


The workaround that I have found is to increase the interval to 10 minutes or longer. I find it more reliable at 30 minutes.

Even at 10 minutes it sometimes fails late in the day or when showing a previous day’s graph. The weekly graph sometimes fails too. The 30 minute interval is not ideal for some of my sensors as changes are missed.

Clearly Inkbird needs to fix this bug.

Don’t be dissapointed when the first load shows “no data”. Just change the historic view to e.g. “week” and let the data come in. Then switch back to the day view.
Mind that while the IBS-M1 has internal buffers for the devices, it will upload the data to the cloud immediately. Historic data is so retrieved from the cloud, not the device. It seems that occasionally the handshake to the cloud fails and so tells you “no data”.
Sadly there are also occasions when the data in the cloud is completely lost.

I have the exact same issue. Your description is a mirror image of my issue.
I received a new IBS-M1 and same problem. Once I reset by changing the log time interval of the M1 is it able to access historical data once new dat points are logged.
Was the issue ever resolved ?

Did you ever resolve the issue. I have the exact same problem.