Historical data loss IBS-TH3 Wifi


In January I purchased two Wifi version IBS-TH3 smart sensors. I’ve had no trouble connecting my two smart sensors to my network, and the connection is always reliable. I would like to point out that I have never lost a connection and that my two smart sensors are always connected.

However, I noticed today that I’ve lost my historical temperature and humidity data. What’s more, I can no longer get my daily history. This problem occurred at the same time on both my smart sensors. I reset one of my smart sensors, thinking that this would solve my problem, but to no avail.

I use Inkbird version 1.7.0 and have it installed on my iPhone 15 Pro, iPad Pro and iPod touch. I have this problem on all 3 platforms.

Does anyone else have the same problem? And if so, did you manage to solve the problem?



Exact same thing happened on my IBS-TH3. No idea how to get it back. App says it’s connected and shows current readings but graphs and history are all blank.

I have the same issue. Blank data.

I have the same issue on all my products. I would assume that their cloud servers are down.

after reinstalling apps , create a new account , history is back


My historical data has now been available for 4 hours. I have not made any intervention on my side. As User_1700969769961 mentioned, it may be a problem with the servers.

The problem seems to have started on the evening of February 2.


Exactly the same issue here using most recent app version on iOS. I get ‘live’ data, but no historical data showing up or accessible, which renders the device a little useless for tracking at the moment

History is all back now again!! YAY!!!