IBM-M1 with IBS-P01R: Time node data okay but no plot


I have the IBM-M1 (2nd generation) setup with InkBird Pro app 3.4.3 (iPhone).

The wireless pool thermometer (IBS-P01R) is working well and showing current temperature in the app. However, when I click on the graph icon, the Historical data is not showing the temperature plot. I have the picture of a man with the message No data. Same for day, week, or month.

If I click on the clock on the top right, I do have Time Node Data with all my temperature measurements collected every 5 minutes.

FYI, I also have other IHT-20R-0 and they show the plots for both temperatures (in and external) and humidity. Only issue is with the IBS-P01R.

Could you please send me the device ID of the IBS-M1 (it can be obtained from Inkbird pro - IBS-M1 - More in the upper right corner) and your country?
I will contact the engineer to check.
Thank you.

Thanks for the reply, here are the information reqested:
Device ID: 12000140e8db84b598b8
Country: Belgium

Battery level of the IBS-P01R is dropping quickly in the app. Is there a way to see the percentage? 5 days and looks like 2/3 level in the app. Still good on the lcd screen of the thermometer. Anyway to disable the LCD to save battery?

I contacted the engineers and they fixed the chart issue. Please download the latest version of inkbird pro app, can it display historical data?
Regarding the display of battery percentage, engineers will optimize it in the future.
Sorry IBS-P01R’s LCD screen cannot be disabled.

THANK YOU, this was fast!

Downloaded the new app today (3.4.4) and the plot is now working for the IBS-P01R. This is awesome.

Please note that the graph experience could still be greatly improved. Here are some bugs and comments:

  • Scaling is not consistent. For example, when I select “day”, I have 0 to 40C, week “10 to 45C”. The plot should be scaled automatically based on the min and max value of the period on the screen. Govee is a good example of a clean and simple user interface for the plots. Temperature and Humidity are in one page. Min, Max scaling and average on it. Easy to move from Hour, to Day, to Week, etc. Pinch to zoom to extend the period if needed. SensorPush app also has a great plot page.



  • For IHT-20R-0, all historical data is erased when plugging or unplugging the external probe.

  • BUG: for IHT-20R-O, in the Historical data plots. The bottom buttons are not working as expected when two temperatures are plotted. Default, both are plotted. When clicking on the external temp icon, nothing happens. Probably need a refresh. The main temp work as expected.

  • IBS-M1, when it is not connected, the data of the various temperature sensors are not transferred back when the IBS-M1 is reconnected. Is there no memory on the sensors that can upload the missing data to the IBS-M1?

  • For the IBS-P01R, as there is only one temperature accessible, it would be nice to hide the humidity icon or the external temperature icons.

  • For the IHT-20R-0, as there is no external humidity probe, the humidity icon for extremal probe could be hidden.

I have sent your feedback to the engineers.
It is the Chinese New Year (January 31, 2022 to February 7, 2022, Beijing Time), the engineers are on holiday, the speed of app maintenance will be affected, but they will check as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.