Inkbird isc-007bw no graph showing

after i invited my brother to my home via inkbird app, i cant access the graph anymore.
i don’t know if this is related but after i invited him i can’t see the graphs.
via Bluetooth it’s working.
but via wifi its not working to see the graph.
my brother can see the graph and he have iphone 13 pro max.
i have Samsung s21+ (i am from israel)
the app was working perfectly fine , but now i can’t access the graph even after couple hours of recording

Don’t logout. They are having server issues I think.

Actually they are having issues with the inkbird app.
Inkbird pro is ok.

i logged out and stuck outside already in inkbird app.
the pro app doesn’t work for isc007bw

I am having the same issue with the app. No graph showing. So I logged out and now can no longer get in the app. I try to logg in but nothing happens. Now I can no longer see the current temp!!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Engineers urgently fixed the issue.
Please try again, can it work?

i managed to login.
but did they fix the graph?
will try on my next smoking session.
thanks for the help.

The engineers tested the chart function and they replied that it works fine.
If there is still a problem, please provide the device ID and I will contact the engineers for further checking.

I am using my Inkbird at the moment and it is not showing the chart. I did for a while but when I adjusted the wanted heat for the Meat I cannot see the chart for the Meat or grill anymore. Just says No data. Pls put your devs and testers on this asap

The engineer tested the graph and it is working fine.
Just to confirm, are you using the INKBIRD app and not the Inkbird pro app?
Have you unplugged the probe? Or change the port of the probe?
Are you connecting ISC-007BW via Bluetooth or WIFI? Have you changed the connection mode?
Please provide your country, phone model and device ID of ISC-007BW.
If possible, please provide a video of the problem to so that engineers can check if there are any overlooked details.
Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

I have an Inkbird IHC-200-wifi device. I am using the Inkbird Pro app on an android device.

Humidity Trend Diagrams worked fine until the 2/7 update to the app. I now only get a blank page. How do I get this to work again.

Virtual id: 8504318694b97e0c1b1e

Yay!!! It’s working again!