Inkbird IBT-26s Shows No Data in graph in app

When thermometer is on and connected to thermo couple, the app displays “no data”. Was working fine a few days ago.

i think it might be an issue with the inkbird cloud. i have an ibbq-4t and i can read the temp, but once i go to graphs i get “no data”

I have an IPT-2CH and have received the “no data” on the app since last night. Temp is reading, but graph is missing data. I have been searching for an answer as to why this is happening for 3 hours so far with no luck so far.

Yup, same exact issue here

Hi Andrew! This started happening last night for you as well? So possibly an issue with the app and not “user error” somehow? I have been using this for my Royal Python for over a year and it is so frustrating and concerning not being able to monitor the temps as I normally do with the graph.

Can’t say exactly when it stopped working. Was working fine Saturday, not working today.

Gotcha. I was able to figure the time it stopped graphing by looking at the graph and going back in time to see when it stopped.

Same issue here. Not really sure why we’d need cloud connectivity. Kind of annoying

these work by sending the data to the cloud via wifi, and the app connects to the cloud.
i have an ibbq-4t that has this issue

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Engineers have urgently fixed the problem. Please revisit the graph, does it display properly?

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yes it is displaying the graph data now.

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Yes, it started working again early this morning. Thank you

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I have the same issue no graph details showing, it’s been working fine until today. I use bit-26s as well.

I have had this problem since probably September or October. I was traveling abroad and it was scary since I was keeping an eye on it to help my snake-sitter.

Since I returned, I am mostly home all day and keep a close eye on it. Today, I finally thought to look at the app and it still has “no data”, but it displays the current temperatures.

App is up to date. Any way to fix this?