Ibs-p01b not displaying temperature correctly


I have a IBS-M1S and have the IBS-P01B, they are connected and I can see the IBS-P01B as online in the inkbird pro app but the temperature is coming through at 22.2 and not changing which is not correct and the graph just shows 22.2

If I use the engbird app I’m able to connect to thermometer via Bluetooth and the information comes through correctly. I have only just got this device, do I have a faulty product?


Maybe you can try the INKBIRD APP?
If you still have problems, please provide the phone model, your country and a screenshot of the problem.
If possible, please also provide the device ID of the IBS-M1, it can be viewed via app - IBS-M1 - More in the top right corner.
I will contact the engineers to check.

I have downloaded and installed the Inkbird app and I still have the same results. The ibs-p01b was showing offline the whole day but the IBS-M1S was displaying online.

The device is about 18 feet from the gateway and in a spa the temperature is always changing especially because it has a heater but as you can from the graph image the temperature is only recording the same.

Hopefully we can sort this because it would be great if we can use this device, thank you for your reply.

Device Id: 82384351e8db84b63f6f

S21 Galaxy


Thanks for your details.
I contacted the engineers and they said it was fine in the test. Maybe you can clear the sensor’s history or re-pair the sensor in the INKBIRD app. Will its reading change?