IBS-P01R & IBS-M1 temperature not showing on the app

My Inkbird app showed two alarm messages this morning. When I click on that message it does not show the hot tub temperature, it does show outdoor info. When I click on the message It shows a screen that says Alarm status reminder with what looks like Chinese writing below. There is nothing to give what the temperature is. How do I fix this so it shows temperature again?

Here are the two inkbird products we are using together:

  1. Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Pool Thermometer Floating Easy Read, Remote Pool Thermometer for Swimming Pool, Bath Water, and Hot Tubs 2nd Updated Generation
  2. Inkbird IBS-M1 WiFi Gateway Temperature Humidity Sensor,Supports Bluetooth and Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer Connection with Save and Export Data,Real Time and Remote Monitoring and Alert.

Thank you!

May I know which app you are using? Is it the Inkbird pro app or the INKBIRD app?
Please provide your phone model and a screenshot of the problem.