IBS-P01B no longer connects to iPhone

My pool temperature sensor INKBIRD IBS-P01B is about a month old, and it initially connected with no problems via Bluetooth to the latest version of the Engbird app downloaded from the Apple app store.

I had been able to see temperature updates via the app until a few days ago when it suddenly stopped downloading data. After that when starting up the app, it says it connects successfully, and the app showed the current temperature reading, but no historical data would download. The LCD display on the unit still shows a temperature and also shows the Bluetooth icon.

I’ve tried various things to fix the problem, none of which worked. I’ve replaced the unit’s batteries, pressed the “Clear” button on the inside of the unit, and finally tried deleting the sensor from the app and re-adding it.

However, at this point, even with the unit right next to my phone, when I try “Add Sensor” it doesn’t work. It usually says “Place the sensor near the smart device” and after several seconds, returns to the initial screen and says “No sensor is connected.” Sometimes it does go to a screen “Add Sensor” with various icons for “Sensor Usage Purpose” with “Indoor Use,” “Outdoor use,” “Nursery” “Inside a car” and a number of other options. I select one of them, and click “Done” but after it says “Saving” for about 30 second, it ultimately says “Failed to add device”

I’ve also deleted the app from my iPhone and reinstalled, but the same behavior described above is observed.

Has the unit malfunctioned?

Please check whether there is water inside IBS-P01B?
Maybe you could try the INKBIRD app?
After downloading and registering the INKBIRD app, please click the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner of the INKBIRD app homepage to find the ‘IBS-THS’ model and add it. Will it work?
Please ensure that the Bluetooth and location functions of your phone are turned on, and the phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
If it still doesn’t work, please provide the link to this post and order information to email support@inkbird.com for after-sales service.

Thanks for the reply.

There previously was a small amount water inside, which I emptied, and dried the chamber using a paper towel. The Bluetooth continued to work for a week or more afterwards.

I tried with the INKBIRD app, and followed the instructions to add the IBS-THS model. On the screen that allows selection of a device “IB-THS-3FB,” pressing Confirm led to a message after about 20 seconds saying “Bluetooth device is added Failed” I made sure that the Bluetooth and location functions of my phone were turned on, and the phone was not connected to other Bluetooth devices.

I will send email to the support address.