Inkbird Pro app bug?


regarding the Inkbird Pro app version 3.3.10 for android, it makes the app crash when trying to enter a “temperature correction value” for an older version of an OBS-TH1 thermometer transiting via a ITC-308-WIFI.

For more recent version of IBS-TH1, everithing seems to be fine.

Tried emailing this to the email adress provided on google play store (, but it doesnt seems to be valid or something.

May I know are you using the IBS-TH1 with the IBS-M1 gateway? Please understand that IBS-TH1 is not able to connect to ITC-308-WIFI.
IBS-TH1 can connect directly to the Engbird app via Bluetooth.
Or IBS-TH1 can connect to the Inkbird pro/ INKBIRD app via the IBS-M1 gateway.
If the IBS-TH1 is paired with the IBS-M1 gateway, maybe you can use the INKBIRD app? Will it crash?

Hello Tania,

Thanks for your reply!

yes, i forgot to mention that everything is passing thru a ibs-m1 gateway. Sorry about this.

The bug must come from the app itself since just clicking on value to change it (it is initially 0.0), it makes the app crash.

Please note that I made a note on a related but different problem on the comment section of your beta Inkbird Pro app, on google play. See screen capture attached.

I’m using android 12 on a galaxy S22.

If your open to it, I also have many smaller suggestions (not bugs) to help improve your app.
Previously, I was using the meazurem app (on android. now closing, presumably for legal reason), which had a effective graphical interface with zooming and many simultanious sensor temperature on the same graphic. Also, graphics and export fonction should have an option for more frequent datapoint (not just 1 every 15 minutes…).

You are offering really nice products, with effective live temperature/humidity streaming. You should now better feed the ‘data savvy’ users, who need a logging of those value, with more frequent datapoint!

Thanks for contacting me!


I contacted the engineers, they tested the Inkbird pro app and there is no problem. Is it possible to provide the version number of the old version and the new version of IBS-TH1 so they can do further checks? If it is possible, please provide the recording screen of this problem.
Also, maybe you can download the INKBIRD app and test it? Will it have the same problem? It is a newly released app and it will replace Inkbird pro app in the future.
About the graphic, the zoom function is in the plan, it takes time to update. The time interval for CSV data export is dependent on the time interval setting of the sensor, maybe you can adjust it as needed.

You are great!

Version info is not available from the Inkbird Pro app, but from the Engbird app I see that I have 3 different versions of the IBS-TH1 (1.6.0, 1.7.0 and 2.0.0), and I also have a IBS-TH1 Plus 2.0.0.

Note that I have installed the newer Inkbird app, but havent set it up yet. So the following comments are the ‘older’ Inkbird Pro app only.

Also note that some time after my initial remark about the app crashing, I went to your “beta program” for the Inkbird Pro app (this is offered on android play).

So, after your lastest comments and requests, I did some testing on the beta version, to realise that the app was now working flawlessly. I then removed the beta version and went back to the “public” version, and the bug was there again.

Could you ask the engineers if they tested on the beta version or on the public version?
Or maybe for some reason the corrected beta version never made it as the public version (but should have)?

As for enterring a temperature correction value in the available “beta” version, I tested touroughly and can confirm that it is working flawlessly.
The only reel problem is that this beta version wasnt published as the real/final/public version of the app to your users!!

Other comments (some might already be ok in the beta version) :

  • position of temperature and humidity (on the left or right side in the app) depends on the version of the sensor… it makes it hard to read the right value! (see attached screen capture)

  • you have many many apps! it should be made clearer witch one to use, which one is the most recent, etc.

  • in the main page, you sould put the sensors temperature passing thru the gateway instead of a mere mention of the gateway itself (see picture), so that all temperatures are on the same page.
    And while at it, you should allow for reordering of the différent sensors. (dont seems possible for sensors foing thru the gateway)

I hope this can help! (please let me know!)
if not, i’m open to help again.
(this take some time… any available perks? :wink:)

Thank you for the details and suggestions.
I have communicated with the engineers and they updated Inkbird pro (official version 3.3.11) and solved the crash issue. Maybe you can use the latest version?
Regarding the location of temperature and humidity, it needs to be discussed between engineers and UI designers. It will take some time.
INKBIRD app is the latest app which will integrate Inkbird smart app, Inkbird pro app , BBQ GO PRO app products. We will recommend INKBIRD app more in the future.
About the main page, this may not be adjusted. Because 1 IBS-M1 can connect 50 sensors, if someone uses 2 IBS-M1 and connects 100 sensors, this may not be good to distinguish management.

Hello Tania,

the correction values of my 3 IBS-TH1 reset to zero if I unplug and replug the sensors… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This is a major annoyance to anyone using the sensors!

to reproduce the problem:

I first calibrated the external sensors of all 3 thermometers, and then unpluggued the sensors to calibrate internal sensors.
(even if the INKBIRD app dont show internal temp for older model of IBS-TH1 when remote sensor is plugued in… I thought the value would anyway be stored somewhere… ).

When I plugued back the remote sensors (my present usage), the corrective values for remote sensors where gone for all 3 thermometers (new and old models) !

could this be corrected?

:ok_hand: I’ve reported this issue to the engineers and they will optimize it.