Help with new IBS TH3 Pro

I have just bought the IBS TH3 Pro. Is there a Pro app or just the Inkbird app? Also the temperature and humidity are displayed in a banner near the top of the page not down with the graph as shown on the display. Is this normal? Finally, after playing around with the app I would like to clear the graph data to make a fresh start. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Only INKBIRD app supports IBS-TH3 PLUS.
If you enter IBS-TH3 PLUS, its reading is displayed at the top.

If you want to clear the data, go to More settings - Remove and wipe data. It will clear the data. Then please reconnect IBS-TH3 PLUS.

Hi Tania,

Thank you for your helpful email. I have two IBS TH3 plus devices and they both keep losing connection. It seems there is something wrong with these new devices as the Sky internet is very strong and stable, all other devices work perfectly. I have tried many things including having the devices next to the router.
Can you please help me. I am very frustrated and my next step is probably going to be throwing them in the bin and deleting the app.

Many thanks


Just to confirm, even if the IBS-TH3 PLUS is placed next to the router with no obstacles between them, will the IBS-TH3 PLUS still disconnect?
Please make sure that the router has no limit on the number of connected devices and its settings have not changed.
If possible, please provide a link to this post, your country, phone model, order information, and device ID of IBS-TH3 PLUS to email
The device ID of IBS-TH3 PLUS can be viewed and copied through the ‘…’ in the upper right corner - More settings - device information.

Engineers will investigate the signal reception of IBS-TH3 PLUS.

Hi Tania,

Thank you for the email. I can confirm that the device still disconnects when near the router. In fact both of my IBS-TH3 Plus devices to the same thing. The router does not have a limit of number of devices. The devices on the app sometimes do not get the hourly log and sometimes show “offline”.

I am in the UK, have an IPhone XR and Ipad10 (both experience the same issues).

I did think it might be a Sky broadband issue but that has been checked and I have been told the system is working fine.

Thanks for your help.

PS I have purchased a Goveelife Bluetooth thermometer/hygrometer and that works fine so I might give up on the Inkbird devices.