IBS th3plus google home

Hi team

Long time inkbird user.

Connected my google account to inkbird and my sensors work except the ibs th3plus. It reports a weird temperature.

My IBS th3 and IHC200wifi work fine.


Is it possible to correct this ?

Did you find solution for this?
I’m having same kind of problems with my IBS-M2 wlan gateway. IBS-TH3-Wifi works correctly.


Please understand that currently only some INKBIRD models support connecting to Google Assistant. Sorry IBS-M2 is not supported.

Well, thing is they report to google…so…maybe check ?

It is possible that it can connect, but due to incompatibility, its data may be wrong. Currently, please use the ‘INKBIRD’ app to view the data of IBS-M2.

The ibs the works…why not the ibs th3+?

Seems your engineers fixed it. Thank you.