Can I connect IBS-TH3-WiFi to IBS-M2?

Can I connect IBS-TH3-WiFi to IBS-M2?
I have an IBS-M2, ITH-20R and IBS-TH3-WiFi.
I have successfully connected the ITH-20R and IBS-M2 with the INKBIRD app (iPhone).
However, the IBS-TH3 is not detected as a sub-device of the IBS-M2.
Please tell me how to connect it.
IBS-TH3 can be connected to the network as one independent device, but I want to connect it as a sub-device of IBS-M2.

Sorry, IBS-TH3 is a WIFI connection, it has realized the function of IBS-M2 to upload sensor data to the app through wifi, so it cannot be connected to IBS-M2.

Thank you for your information. I will buy IBS-TH2.