Q&A: How to connect the IBS-M2 to a sub-device (sensor)

The IBS-M2 supports the following sub-device models: IBS-TH1 Mini, IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 PLUS, IBS-TH2, IBS-TH2 PLUS, IBS-P01B, ITH-20R-O, IBS-P01R-O, IRS-WD1, ITH-12S, IBS-P02R-O
Unlike the IBS-M1, it needs to be added manually when pairing the sub-device for the first time.
Please connect the IBS-M2 to the INKBIRD app first.
Then, please add the sub-device via the INKBIRD app homepage → IBS-M2 settings → ‘+’ in the top right corner.
When the sub-device is within the search range of the IBS-M2, it will appear as a connectable device.

when I try to connect an IPS-P02r sensor to the IBS-M2 as described above with my iphone, I receive “System error,operation failed” message.
Any idea I can solve the problem ?
Thanks for support.

Please check that the IBS-M2 remains connected to the network? Does its reading change in the app?
If you re-login to the INKBIRD APP and put the IBS-P01R-O transmitter next to the IBS-M2 for pairing, will it also show an error?
If yes, please email support@inkbird.com with the phone model and video of this problem.

Hi, is it possible to connect Inkbird IBS-P03R to M2? It is not listed in the desription post. Thanks.

Sorry IBS-P03R is not compatible with IBS-M2.
A gateway compatible with IBS-P03R is still under development.