Connection between IBS-M2 and IBS-TH2

Unable to add a second IBS-TH2 sub-device to the IBS-M2 via the INKBIRD app (version 1.4.4). When trying to add, only the TH1 and TH3 devices are selectable. Is this an application issue or a limitation of the M2 gateway. The older M1 gateway using the INKBIRD PRO app did not have this issue.

Could you please provide the phone model and a screenshot of this problem?
IBS-M1 and IBS-M2 work differently.
The IBS-M1 will automatically search for the sensor’s signal and connect directly.
IBS-M2 needs to be connected to the INKBIRD app first, and then manually connect the sensor through IBS-M2 settings.

Phone is Samsung S10+. I have read both manuals and understand the differences between the two gateways. The problem is when you first go to sub-devices you have a choice of IBS-TH-1, IBS-TH-2 and IBS-TH-3. Once you have selected one of the three you cannot select that model again (only the other two will show up). If you select one of the other 2, again you cannot select that model again. What screenshot(s) are needed?


Just to confirm, do you only have the IBS-TH2 sensors?
Please provide a screenshot with the IBS-TH1 and IBS-TH3 options.
If you long press the CH button on the IBS-M2 for 5 seconds to reset it and then add the sensors, will 2 IBS-TH2s be added?


What wasn’t clear in the documentation (or app) is that the available sensors aren’t listed with their full model number. When I saw 1 and 2 I had assumed that it was TH1 and TH2 sensors. I have attached a screenshot showing all three (for this gateway) with the sensors active. I did successfully add the three sensors that this gateway will service and have made notes to make the next three gateway installs easier.

I have a number of TH2 Plus sensors and a few TH2 as well. I have to use 4 gateways for 4 remote (bluetooth-wise) areas.


Sorry for the confusion.
I will feed it back to the engineers.