What works with IBS-M2 vs. IBS-M1

What is the difference between IBS-M1 and -M2 other than the display? Does either plug in with battery backup? Do the devices IBS-P01B, IBS-TH2 and IBS-TH3 work with this gateway? Also, is there a wi-fi version of the IBS-TH2 Plus?

The IBS-M1 (2nd generation) can connect up to 50 sensors and it will automatically search for nearby sensor signals and add them.
The IBS-M2 can connect up to 9 sensors, which need to be added manually via the INKBIRD app - IBS-M2.
The IBS-P01B and IBS-TH2 can be connected to the gateway.
The IBS-TH3 is connected directly to the INKBIRD app via 2.4GHz wifi, it does not work with the gateway.
There is no WIFI version of the IBS-TH2 PLUS.