Sensors supported my the IBS-M2 or IBS-M1, and are multiple gateways supported in the app?

Greetings, all. Is there by chance a way to tell which sensors are supported by the M2 or M1 gateway. I can’t seem to find anything on the sensor products pages that say if they are supported by the gateways or if they are only BT to the app on a mobile device.

I’m specifically looking at IBS-TH2 Plus models to monitor temperatures in freezers and refrigerators. That way the sensor’s radio will sit outside the metal shell of the freezer. I will likely include regular IBS-TH2 sensors for monitors temps and humidity levels in other parts of my parent’s home.

Second question, can the app support multiple gateways simultaneously? My parents have 3 dedicated freezers and 2 fridge/freezer combos in their house. As well as 2 larger chest freezers in a shop that’s too far away for sensors to reach 1 common gateway. I will have to have a gateway in the house and another in the shop to handle the needs of my parents. I have to have gateways for their needs because their phones are not always in proximity of standalone sensors, especially in the shop. They need at least an email alert, if not a push notification on their mobiles.


The IBS-M1 second generation (INKBIRD logo is blue) can connect up to 50 sensors, the supported sensor models are: IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 Mini, IBS-TH1 Plus, IBS-P01B, ITH-20R-O, IBS-P01R-O, IBS-TH2, IBS- TH2 PLUS.
The IBS-M2 can connect up to 9 sensors, the supported sensor models are: IBS-TH1 Mini, IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 PLUS, IBS-TH2, IBS-TH2 PLUS, IBS-P01B, ITH-20R-O, IBS-P01R-O, IRS-WD1, ITH-12S, IBS-P02R-O
INKBIRD APP can connect to multiple gateways, it has no limit on the number. But please note that it has no email alerts. If an alert is triggered, the app will have a push appear in the phone’s notification bar.