IBS-M2 adding IBS-TH2 PLUS sensors

Reset using Sensor select button, held for 10 secs. Display OUT RHS, NO INFO, but on Inkbird app, shows 4 of IBS-TH2 plus Sensors connected and displaying T&H same as each sensor’s display.
How do I get IBS-M2 Gateway Display to show each IBS-TH2 readings. ??
Was working prior to reset.
Need a Fix Thank you.

Please click on the online IBS-M2 to enter its settings, and then click on the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the IBS-M2 settings to add sub-devices.

Please note that if you connect the IBS-TH2 PLUS via the ‘+’ on the top right corner of the INKBIRD app homepage (select the ‘IBS-THS’ model), which will connect the IBS-TH2 PLUS to the INKBIRD app via Bluetooth.