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I received my new ibs th3 plus. I am happy to report that it doesn’t have the same overheat detection issue when charging as my iaqm068 did, which I had to return as running it plugged in full-time lead to higher internal temperatures according to inkbird.

I have two gripes with it so far - but one was fixed by an app update today(erratic humidity display), so make it one!

I believe it needs more points of entry for air. It is always the slowest to react to temperature changes.

As it stands, it seems to only have one entry point, so air cannot flow through it, seemingly, it can only “build up” around the port.

I have it next to several of the same hygrometers from the same brand who are all within .1 temperature and humidity of each other.

I have calibrated the th3plus to their mean average over the last 4 days and it’s pretty dialed in.

However, when I turn on the AC, example, a ceiling mounted cassette in this case - the inkbird th3plus is always the slowest to react to temperature changes on its display, making it hard for me to achieve certain “management” of temperatures.

If ever you decide to revise the IBS th3 plus, I suggest a " channel" be implemented, from left to right going over the temp sensor as to allow air to enter it and flow through.

As an example, my lacrosse temphygrometers have 4 entry points for ambient air.


Ps I would have loved to keep my iaqm068 for my newborn daughters bedroom, if ever you revise it to account for it always being plugged in, and have a software calibration like the IBS TH3, let me know! I’d love to have more inkbird products.

Link to the iaqm issue is here:

If you mean to add a probe port on the other side of the IBS-TH3 PLUS, I will collect it as a suggestion, but since this will involve changes in appearance and internal structure, please understand that engineers need time to discuss and plan.
Regarding IAQM-068, sorry that the current version cannot be changed :cry:.

No problem, just a suggestion! I’m sure they can test and see if my findings are similar.

Thanks as usual Tania

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is possible to read data over wifi from Inkbird IBS-TH3 ?

what other options are to read data from IBS-TH3 ?

is Tuya compatible ?

what chip have TH3 ?

If the IBS-TH3 is connected to the INKBIRD app, the mobile phone can use different networks to remotely view the data of the IBS-TH3 through the INKBIRD app.
IBS-TH3 data can only be exported through the INKBIRD app.