IBS-TH3 Wifi Humidity Calibration feature request

hi there

would it be possible to add humidity calibration feature to IBS-TH3 - i find the numbers very high +3% vs 2 other Hygrometers, and also +4% over IHC-200. if i can use smartbird app to align it would be nice.

Sorry, IBS-TH3 has no calibration function. Maybe you can put it in a stable environment for a period of time and it will be calibrated automatically.
Besides, its humidity accuracy is (25°C/ 77°F, 20%~80%RH): Typical: ±3%RH, Max: ±4.5%RH.

Can’t you just allow for an appside offset ???

My ihc200 and hygrometer are much lower.

I have communicated with the engineers, they will consider adding this feature in the future.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.