How to calibrate temperature/hydrometer

How do I calibrate the thermometer and hygrometer so I can check to see if the Inkbird is accurate?, and how do I save these calibrated values when I enter the values into the 0.00 slot. Thanks.

The INKBIRD sensor is factory calibrated. It can also be compared with other accurate thermometers/ hygrometers. If there are deviations, it can be calibrated via the Engbird app.
For example, if the sensor is 2 degrees lower than the actual reading, please enter 2 in the temperature calibration settings, then please click on the blank position on the current page and it will automatically save the settings.
The same applies to humidity calibration settings.

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Thanks. I think I have this worked out.

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How do I set a negative temperature correction value? There seems to be no way to enter the minus sign. If I try a very high value, it tell me the permitted range is -50 to +50, but I can’t find out how to enter a negative value.

Please click on the input box and enter the negative calibration value manually. It is possible to enter the minus sign. When finished, please click the blank position near the input box and it will save the setting.
If it still has problem, please provide the sensor model, phone model and a video of the problem to
These will help us to determine the problem.