How to calibrate ins th2

How do you calibrate ibs th 2?

It can be calibrated via the Engbird app.
For example, if the sensor is 2 degrees lower than the actual reading, please enter 2 in the temperature calibration settings, then please click on the blank position on the current page and it will automatically save the settings.
The same applies to humidity calibration settings.

So if i dont have an extra reliable thermometer, i just use the local weather report to calibrate?? Ughs!

The IBS-TH2 is factory calibrated. In general, new products do not need to be calibrated again.
If no other thermometer is available for comparison, please test the IBS-TH2 by placing only the probe section (in the red box in the picture) in ice water for comparison. Please take care not to completely immerse the IBS-TH2 in water.
After the calibration is completed, please use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry it in time.