IBS-TH sensors calibration through IBS-M1 interface

Dear Community,
Could someone tell me if he encountered the same issue and how he did fixed it?
Using the Inkbird Android App, I want to do the calibration of my IBS-TH1 and IBS-TH2 connected through the IBS-M1, the offsets on temperature and hygrometry are well recorded in the app reported values but the local screen on the sensor is not corrected. Thus I have a mismatch between the local screen and the app.
Do I have something more to do or is it a bug to be corrected by the supplier?
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Sorry, the calibration values via IBS-M1 (INKBIRD app) will not be synchronized to the local screen of IBS-TH1 PLUS and IBS-TH2 PLUS.
Please connect the IBS-TH1 PLUS and IBS-TH2 PLUS to the Engbird app via Bluetooth, and set the calibration value in Engbird, and its value will be synchronized to the local screen of the IBS-TH1 PLUS and IBS-TH2 PLUS.

Dear Tania,
thanks for your prompt feedback.
This is exactly what I have done in the meantime (using ENGBIRD app in //) but do you know if there is a plan to upgrade the INKBIRD app in order to manage the 2 ways communication with the sensors?

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I will send it to the engineers as a suggestion, perhaps they will put it in the plan for consideration.

I found this issue also. However, after correcting the temp offset using the enkbird app via bluetooth, I found that the displayed values on the sensors still did not match the values displayed on the inkbird pro app on my phone. The inkbird pro app still displayed the values without the correction offset. I had to also input the same correction values in the inkbird pro app that i put into the enkbird app. Then the values on the local display matched the values on my phone app. I have a 2nd gen IBS-M1, with a IBS-TH1 Plus and 2 IBS-TH2 Plus. I had to do this for all 3 devices.