IBS-TH sensors calibration through IBS-M1 interface

Dear Community,
Could someone tell me if he encountered the same issue and how he did fixed it?
Using the Inkbird Android App, I want to do the calibration of my IBS-TH1 and IBS-TH2 connected through the IBS-M1, the offsets on temperature and hygrometry are well recorded in the app reported values but the local screen on the sensor is not corrected. Thus I have a mismatch between the local screen and the app.
Do I have something more to do or is it a bug to be corrected by the supplier?
Thanks for your feedback,

Sorry, the calibration values via IBS-M1 (INKBIRD app) will not be synchronized to the local screen of IBS-TH1 PLUS and IBS-TH2 PLUS.
Please connect the IBS-TH1 PLUS and IBS-TH2 PLUS to the Engbird app via Bluetooth, and set the calibration value in Engbird, and its value will be synchronized to the local screen of the IBS-TH1 PLUS and IBS-TH2 PLUS.

Dear Tania,
thanks for your prompt feedback.
This is exactly what I have done in the meantime (using ENGBIRD app in //) but do you know if there is a plan to upgrade the INKBIRD app in order to manage the 2 ways communication with the sensors?

Thanks a lot, regards,

I will send it to the engineers as a suggestion, perhaps they will put it in the plan for consideration.