Q&A: Why does the IBS-TH3 temperature and humidity reading remain at 0?

Firstly, please make sure that the IBS-TH3 probe detection port is not blocked. Please replace the new battery for IBS-TH3. If possible, please use alkaline batteries.
Next, please place the IBS-TH3 next to the connected 2.4GHz wifi router and make sure that the router network is open and that the router does not have a limit on the number of devices connected. This will help us to rule out if a poor signal is causing the problem. Please press the button on the side of the IBS-TH3 once and please check if its reading changes.
Finally, please remove the IBS-TH3 from the app and pair it again.
If completing the above steps still does not resolve the issue, please contact support@inkbird.com with phone model, country and device ID, so that they can carry out further checks.