Sensor IBS-TH1 temp and hum sensor - no data in history

Please help, There is no data in history for last weeks. It works for last days. but no history for days back. I needed badly. Can you help?

May I know if you are connecting the IBS-TH1 directly to the Engbird app or INKBIRD app via Bluetooth? Or is it paired with a gateway to use with it?
Have you changed the time interval settings? What is the time interval setting?

When I was on that trip I need to get the informations, I used Engbird. The app told me that sensor is working and I didn’t check if data is visible. After comming home I wanted to export all data and I saw that data is not there. The app was still telling that senzor is working. But no data there.

I started to check what to do, I put a new Inkbird app on the phone and… it is the same. The data from history is not there. It is just for the last 2 days.
The interval is on 1 minute. I didn’t change it.


and yes, the connection was via Bluetooth.

Sorry, because the data of IBS-TH1 is stored in itself. The app is used to obtain the data of IBS-TH1. If neither app can display historical data, the data during that period may be lost, the lost data cannot be retrieved.