For IBS-TH1 can data be extracted to PC?

I wanted to keep some data for longer period of time. Is there a way to achieve this with the bluetooth IBS-TH1 devices?

Maybe you could periodically export the data in CSV format via the engbird app and save it to your computer as a backup?
The IBS-TH1 can only record up to 30,000 data points. If the limit is exceeded, the historical data will be overwritten and cleared.

Yes thankyou I can do that. I was hoping for an automatic way to do this but 30,000 data points is plenty so maybe I only have to do it manually every 30-40 days at 2 minute interval setting.

Sorry it doesn’t have an automatic export feature.

Is this something we could do ourselves? Like does it use an open protocol like Tuya that we can query?

The IBM-M1 appears in the IOT tuya platform and some people have had good results extracting the data to 3rd party open source systems.