IBS-M1 lost connectiviy to Hot Spot

I had a hotspot set up to keep my 6 temperature sensors connected and displaying data using my IBS-M1. Unfortunately it lost power and I lost connectivity. I have returned and powered up the HotSpot.

The IBS-M1 seemed to connect - which is nice. However, the thermometers are no longer accurate to the label I gave them. And second, all the data seems to be lost - even data from before I left.

Is there a better model I can purchase or should I just toss all of these and go with a different company?

Why are the thermometers attached to a label based on when they connect and not on any internal mac address or something similar? Also, where is the data stored? In the cloud with uploads ever 15 minutes or in the IBS-M1 module or in the thermometer?

Please advise.



Did you just restore the network and let IBS-M1 connect automatically? Did you perform any other actions, such as resetting the IBS-M1 or changing the time interval?
Normally, after the network is restored, the IBS-M1 should read historical data and record new data without changing the labels.
The data acquired by IBS-M1 will be stored inside IBS-M1 and uploaded to the cloud of the corresponding account. Because the IBS-M1 itself has a storage limit, it has a data quantity limit.
If you don’t want a limit, perhaps you could consider the IBS-M2, which is a new release. The IBS-M2 has no internal storage, it uploads data directly to the cloud, so there is no limit to the amount of data it uploads, and the data can be stored for one year. However, please note that it can only be connected to a maximum of 9 sensors.


First, these sensors are on my sailboat which I need to monitor when I am not present. Key are temperatures in the freezer, refrigerator, bilge, engine and outside.

You: Did you just restore the network and let IBS-M1 connect automatically?

Yes. Once I returned I activated the network and saw that thermometers were connecting. However, it appeared that they were linked to a label based on when they were connecting. For example, the one labeled Freezer (which was at -8 degrees F) displayed a temperature of 78 degrees F. Others took time to connect and did not show up in the position I wanted.

You: Did you perform any other actions, such as resetting the IBS-M1 or changing the time interval?

Probably. I say that as I was trying to move them around and I probably did reset the IBS-M1. I did not change the time interval until later. Eventually I recovered all of them and removed the batteries (it sure would be nice to have a little switch on the outside to turn them off and on versus removing the small screws). Then I returned the batteries in the order that I wanted them.

What is the storage limit of the IBS-M1? I believe it lost connectivity for about 4 days. I have since changed the interval to 30 minutes on the outside and bilge and 10 minutes on the engine and refrigerator/freezer.

Are there any plans to providing a better method of connecting where once a module in the freezer is labeled it is always that module? Or will it always be first connect first displayed?



I have had issues with several M1 s not being able to download data when requested and also random reset of historical data. I have documented this for months. The only reliable solution is to go with the M2 gateway which I never had any issues with.

Since some sensors have waterproof rating, using screws to install can achieve better waterproofing.
IBS-M1 can store 30,000 data points for each sensor. If IBS-M1 is reset, it may not connect in the same order as before because the order of receiving sensor signals will change.
If the time interval is changed, the historical data will be reset. If you are using a Bluetooth sensor, since the data is also stored in the sensor itself, you may be able to connect to the sensor directly via Bluetooth to obtain internal data.
If it is not a Bluetooth sensor, unfortunately, the lost data cannot be recovered :cry:.