IBS-M1 won't stay online using cell data

I purchased the IBS-M1 and the IBS-P01R. The intent was to be able to monitor the water temperature of the hot tub when I am away from home, using my iPhone and the Inkbird app. Set up seemed to go well, and I can view the live temperature on the Inkbird app on my iPhone, but only while my phone is connected to wifi. If I leave the house and try and view the temp, the IBS-M1 stays offline and the live temperature is not available. How do I get this to work while my phone is using cell data? All app settings are turned on, local network. cellular data, etc. Thanks!

Just to confirm, the app used is the INKBIRD app and not the Inkbird pro app? Because they have similar icons, some people might confuse them.
Please ensure that the IBS-M1 is connected to the 2.4GHz wifi signal emitted by the home router. The router is capable of accessing the internet.
If the IBS-M1 is placed next to the 2.4GHz wifi router and the phone switches to use the mobile network at home, will the app show that the IBS-M1 is offline?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I was using the Inkbird Pro app. Should I be using the regular Inkbird app?

Please try if possible, this will rule out if the app is causing the problem.

I switched to Inkbird from Inkbird Pro and now it is working. it is staying online, even while using cell data.


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