IBS-M1 won't reconnect to wifi. No blu center light

When changing batteries on the the temperature sensors, I unplugged the IBS-M1 gateway and then re plugged it in , and then added the sensors batteries. The lower Blu lights light up when the sensor batteries are inserted, but the center wifi light doesn’t not come on or blink. I also cannot add it either via the ink bird app after serveral guess tries. I have reset our internet router, and orbiRB50 wifi router , but the gateway does not show up in the device list either. It was all working fine prior to changing the sensor batteries and unplugging the Wifi Gateway. Does anyone have any trouble shooting ideas. When I contacted Inkbird support the only answer was the suggestion that I just buy the newer model, as mine is just over a year old!
I appreciate any help and insight…thanks!

The WIFI indicator in the middle of the IBS-M1 affects the WIFI connection. Maybe you could plug in the IBS-M1, press and hold the WIFI button for 5 seconds, release it and wait for 3 seconds. Please go to the phone WIFI connection page, does the hotspot smartlife-xxx appear? Please repeat this process several times, if smartlife-xxx still does not appear, the IBS-M1 may be faulty.
Changing the battery of the sensor will not affect the WIFI connection of the IBS-M1.

Greetings and thanks for your reply. Yes After holding wifi button for 5 sec and checking wifi it does appear and can be selected…what’s the next steps please…