Cannot connect device, fast blinking small light

My IBS M1 gateway lost signal for the TH1 plus thermometer. I cannot connect any devices now. I have removed device and attempted to reconnect and updated the app (IOS).
The M1 Center light is ‘fast’ blinking, the first small blue light (far left) is also blinking fast.
Any help or ideas are appreciated.
Thanks everyone,

Just to confirm, is the INKBIRD logo on your IBS-M1 blue or gray? Did you clear the sub-device by long pressing the RESET button on the side of the gateway?
Please understand that if you long press the WIFI button in the middle of the IBS-M1, it will reset the WIFI connection.
If there is an offline IBS-M1 in the INKBIRD app, please delete it and add it again. Does it work?
Please make sure the router is set up correctly, please refer to: