IBS-M1 Parried Findaly!

Hi, I use the Inkbird app. I have only 2.4 Ghz wifi enabled and the smartphone, the IBS-M1 and the router are next to each other. When connecting (whether fast or slow) the wifi icon flashes until 7% is reached, then it goes out and lights up permanently from about 16%. When 100% is reached, the message “Device not responding” appears. I have run this connection before but today it won’t work! I finally got my wife phone with os with 15.7.3 to connect and it worked. I was using os 16.2 any I read they have a WiFi issue. Once I was connected I got on my iPhone deleted the app, reinstall and put my email and password word in and it on my phone now at last logged.
Melvin Edward

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