MBS-M1 gateway wifi pairing light OFF. not able to pair at all anymore

I have had the inkbird gateway along with two inkbird IBS- TH1 sensors that I have been using to control two indoor garden environments for about a year now. It’s been working fine.

Now the inkbird gateway hub has no pairing light at all to connect to Wi-Fi. There is no slow or fast flashing. When unplugged and plugged back in. Nothing happens except a quick flash of 4 of the indicator lights for the sensors. Holding down the reset button did nothing. (Back to factory settings)

I am using 2.4gh as required. Using the new INKBIRD app.

Extremely frustrated. Appreciate your help.

Maybe you could plug in the IBS-M1, press and hold the WIFI button for 5 seconds, release it and wait for 3 seconds. Please go to the phone WIFI connection page, does the hotspot smartlife-xxx appear? Please repeat this process several times, if smartlife-xxx still does not appear, the IBS-M1 may be faulty.
Please email support@inkbird.com with order information and the link of this post, my colleagues will provide after-sales service.

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