IBS-M1 no longer shows up and will not pair to router

I don’t know what happened. It went offline and would not come back after reset. I removed it and the app to start over but now it will not pair with the router. Help, is there a factory reset to restore the gateway to its original state?

I bought the package with the gateway, 3 temp sensors and 1 display. How do I restore and start new?

Please press and hold the ‘WIFI’ button of IBS-M1. Will its WIFI indicator light flash?
If the indicator light flashes, it means its WIFI function is reset.
Please check if the router settings are correct:

If the indicator light does not flash, please provide order information and problem video to email support@inkbird.com

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ok it is now working again. I left the batteries out of the sensors over night. I unplugged the gateway and left it overnight. This morning It failed to pair with my router in fast blinking mode. I then followed it up using the slow blinking mode and the gateway paired to my router. I then installed all the batteries to the 3 sensors and the monitor within about 30 seconds and the monitor and the app displayed the data as normal.

Hope this helps folks that have the same problem.

Now if Inkbird would develop a good soil sensor that displays moisture, EC, PH and PPFD lighting that would be awesome…

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