IBS-TH2 Temp Alarms

Hi, I have a IBS-M1 (gen 2) with a couple IBS-TH2 sensors. When the temp reading from an external probe falls below my low temp alert setting, the Inkbird app reports it as a high temp alarm, not a low temp alarm. I also have a couple IBS-TH1 sensors and when they go into alarm they report the proper low temp alarm, so it seems to be a problem with just the IBS-TH2 sensors. Can this be fixed via an app update or something?

Sorry about the double post didnt think the first post went through.

Are you using the INKBIRD app?
Could you provide the phone model, and screenshots of this problem?
I will contact the engineers to check.

Using the inkbird app on a samsung galaxy s9. Will do a screenshot tonight and post it.
When the temp drops below the lower threshold limit it displays high temp alarm with the little red light looking thingy and says high temp.

Thanks for your details.
I have sent them to the engineers and they will check this problem as soon as possible.