Will the ITC 308 work with out cooling element?

I have the 308 (not wi-fi) once it reaches temp on heat it goes into cooling mode and I don’t have anything plugged in to the outlet. Is there a way to bypass or override this cooling? Light is on for cool but I don’t need it? Did I but the wrong controller??

The cooling function of the ITC-308 cannot be disabled. If the cooling function is not required, please do not plug device into the cooling socket, please set the CD to the maximum value. the cooling function on the ITC-308 does not affect the heating function.
ITC-308 working method:
When the temperature reaches/ lower than TS (temperature setting value) - HD (heating difference value), it will turn on the heater, turn off at TS.
When the temperature reaches/ higher than TS + CD (cooling difference value), it will turn on the cooler, turn off at TS.

Thank you ! I had it set backwards think ling if it was lower it wouldn’t come on. I will change parameter!