Disable ITC-308-WIFI Heating Outlet or Change it to both Outets for Cooling only

Today, I have a new itc-308-wifi. I use it to turn on a closet exhaust fan when the temp gets to 95f. Works fine. I really did not want two plug outlets with one to activate heating since that is not an issue for me. Is there a way to disable the heating outlet to never come on, or even better, to include both outlets for cooling only? Can’t see a way to set the heating offset to zero as far as i can tell. I just don’t want the second (heating) outlet to activate even if there is nothing plugged into it.


Sorry, the heating socket of the ITC-308-WIFI cannot be disabled, nor can it be converted into a cooling socket.
Maybe you could set the Heating hysteresis temperature (HD) to the maximum value?
In this way, it needs to cool down to a relatively low temperature to trigger the heating output.