Turn 1tc-106tvfrom 1 heat output to 2 heat output , the fermenterrs are kways inside sothe need fora cooling output will not be needed,

I sent a support message asing how I can can turn 1 heat and one cool to noth heat , the ansswer was , the question was was actually was "Hello,
Please note that ITC-308 is a heating socket and a cooling socket.
If the total power of the two heaters does not exceed the limit of 308, we suggest that you can plug a power strip into the heating socket, plug the two heaters into the power strip, and control the switch of the two heaters at the same time.

I have searched but I can not find the answer the fermenterrs are inside so the need for a looling would now ever really needed, … Thank your

Please let me confirm that the product you purchased is ITC-308?
If yes, the ITC-308 has a heating socket fixed for a heating device and a cooling socket fixed for a cooling device. You do not need to plug in any device to the cooling socket when the cooling function is not needed.